Helps Games

Here you will find the files for the various aids games.


7 thoughts on “Helps Games

  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that the death star images are fantastic, I got one printed out and the detail is incredible. What program did you make it in? How log did it take you to do the details? We have used it in a trench run game and it looked awesome

  2. Good Morning, your images carpet X wing are very good, there's nothing wrong, I talked to the club where I play and I think we'll have a good command.

    I would like to change the image of the trench of the Death Star so that it is horizontal or vertical but my plant software systematically, Is it that you could make it available on this blog if it please ?

    Thank you.
    Chris ^^

    1. Thank you.

      If I understand, you'd like a straight version of the trench ? Attention, the fact to rotate the image and redraw a square will reduce the width of the image 30% about, therefore less definition printing.
      I'll see if I can find my rotation before working versions, or if it does not take me too long to do it again.

  3. thank you very much !! do you have any file to print a 120×180 battle mat ? thank you and keep on going !!

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