Concours The Overlord

Realization of a Guard of Honor of Khitai,,fr,while NMM,,fr,for the contest / raffle and Community Paint & nbsp;,,fr,and start painting for,,fr,my box,,fr,Completed just in time to offer,,fr,small cyclists,,fr,Since I like historical accuracy when possible,,fr,I did some iconographic research before attacking me about,,fr,the year in which the game takes place,,fr,The Tour de France is organized by the newspaper L'Auto,,fr,which provides in particular their bike to the various participants,,fr,The bike is the colors of the newspaper,,fr,which was then nicknamed,,fr,Yellow,,fr,who knows,,fr,Why,,fr, tout en NMM, pour le concours/tombola et peinture communautaire The Overlord de Juin dernier (et début de peinture pour les 5 de ma boite).

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